Third party modules

The following is a list of available 3rd party modules for UnrealIRCd 5. Note that these modules are NOT written by the UnrealIRCd team. Use them at your own risk.

These modules can be installed on UnrealIRCd 5 with the command:

./unrealircd install third/name-of-module
See the Module manager documentation for more information.

If you wish to discuss 3rd party modules, then leave a message on the 3rd party modules forum.

Module list

Name Version Author Description
third/dumpcmds 1.0 Syzop Dump IRC commands to a file
third/examplemod 1.0.0 Bram Matthys (Syzop) This is a simple test module

NOTE: You can get the same list on a shell by running ./unrealircd module list and using the command ./unrealircd module info third/name-of-module